Mobile App Development

Mobile Development Services

Keeping pace with the progress, AMSoftBD provides services of mobile application development. Our mobile developers use state-of-the-art technologies for the most popular platforms –Android.

Popular Mobile Projects
  • Business Applications. We are specialize in creating Android applications efficient in business sphere which will be convenient for people of business. Such apps come with user-friendly interface. We keep it close to the familiar interfaces, but at the same time we add necessary improvements to make your business smooth and efficient.
  • Data Analyzers. In today’s dynamic life PC is not always near at hand. During business trips the application for data analysis on a mobile device can prove very useful.

Android development is used to make Android applications for smart mobile devices with touch screen and multimedia video effects support. Experts predict a global leadership for Android OS. Our team of Android developers uses the latest technologies and applies all the tendencies of mobile app development market in their projects.

  • Android SDK 1.6 – 4.0
  • JNI
  • Using of Google API
  • Custom Business Interface
Mobile development offers a wide range of solutions for any of your ideas. Interactivity of mobile applications gives great opportunities for developers and enables unlimited functionality.