ERP Software

Enterprise Resource Planning

The pattern of the Enterprise Applications System has changed a lot. Now a lot more things are expected from the systems by the organizations. Today’s market trends are leading this and the business environment is influencing the new ideas of ERP vendors, more frequent upgrades, integration of modules, web services, outsourced supports, hosting and vendor consolidation etc.

These patterns of needs reveal the organization’s requirements to:

  • Standardize processes and Domain-specific Customizations
  • Need for Integrated Operations and Application Management: single SLA for infrastructure services and integrated helpdesk
  • Reduce risk through discrete application outsourcing
  • Improved issue resolution Need for Real time Business Transaction Monitoring
  • Collaborative offshoring in Implementation


AMSoftBD provides ERP modules for businesses those looking for strengthening up their competitive edge with smarter technologies and entrepreneurship procedure engineering.

  • Integration of multiple disparate functions within the business
  • Greater effectiveness of enterprise procedures
  • Automation of manual procedure
  • Better visibility for enterprise stakeholders
  • Capability to meet compliance needs
  • Procedure cost cuttings
  • Better communication with clients and vendors

For your business requirements AMSoftBD provides scalable and cost efficient solutions, effective project managing approach and relevant industry experience.


Our multitude of ERP services is engineered to help organization’s needs today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow and more, supporting to decrease TCO and figure the solution easily including enterprise growth and diversification. To meet these principles AMSoftBD always keeps in consideration the following cardinal points of ERP system design:

  • Establish full support for efficient processing of bigger data volumes
  • Build a foundation designed and created on service-oriented architecture principles
  • Professionally and judiciously implement web technologies wherever appropriate
  • Apply or migrate to cloud computing technology if ready
  • Configure hardware, along with servers and other technical equipment
  • Help geographically distributed enterprise units and mobile access

Complete Execution

ERP applications are really important for the efficient operations and the continuity of your business. To give your competitive benefits an upper hand, you need to have the access to the core enterprise data in real time for the effective execution of planning in your business. This means you need enterprise centric design and delicate professionals instead of drawn out implementations. AMSoftBD offers the hand of long-term partnership to provide complete services- development, customization, implementation and maintenance of the ERP systems with the flexibility of future customization for the business needs.


At this early stage AMSoftBD business analysts, consultants and system architects are fully dedicated to comply project vision, business process understanding and requirements management.


AMSoftBD secures ERP projects success by fully utilizing the strengths in software architecture design, mature project management and quality assurance processes.


After the solution is deployed, integrated and the stabilization phase is accompalished, we provide diligent long term support the implemented software.


AMSoftBD delivers and integrates ERP modules in the following vital areas of business operations that support the workflow automation and data processing:

Planning is the basic of the forecasting of the need, availability of resources and opportunities of selling. Creation of a summarized dashboard of business key performance tracker for enterprise intelligence to help proper decision making is the prime target of business planning by intelligent analysis.

Establishing a complete management system for procurement; searching, creating and retaining vendor information; tracking prices; easy management of delivering and acceptance; quality assurance of all products purchased.

Remarkably decrease the time needed to let your customers know about the updated price, technical data, shipment prize and ETA; automated update of data within orders; track deliveries; examine credit history of client; emphasize orders; update clients on order status and changes via email update.

Analyze creating, managing and controlling of client’s balance sheets; observe the cash flow, managing and reconciliation of accounts. Create financial database and report on product, labor cost, making costs and revenues in a matter of time.

Establish intelligent automated estimation management; facilitate and automate most repeated transactions; manage all types of delivery and track in details product data.

Sales management is a business discipline which is focused on the practical application of sales techniques and the management of a firm's sales operations. It is an important business function as net sales through the sale of products and services and resulting profit drive most commercial business. These are also typically the goals and performance indicators of sales management.

Automate regular HR processes and managing staff; compact management of staffs’ employment histories, payroll systems, administration benefits, etc.