About Us

Who We Are

Our love for technology can be summed up with two word – "passion" & "innovation"

Writing software code is not supposed to be an enjoyable activity. Grueling, yes. Confusing and frustrating, yes. We never thought of setting up an IT firm before the discussion with Sameer Ahmed, Founder of RSA Capital whose inspiration and valuable guidance was the key reason behind the emergence of AMSoftBD. We picked clients who gave them the freedom to implement new ideas. Loads of it. And as a result, a philosophy was born. The philosophy which meant that they add “value” to everything they undertake. Not that other software development companies don’t do that, but we do it with a feeling that “every satisfied customer will be a customer forever” – and this saves them a lot of time and energy in generating new business.

Meet Our Team

Why People Choose Us

AMSoftBD is always looking to push challenging conventions and creative boundaries. Our love for technology can be summed up with two word – "passion" & "innovation". We take pride in successfully developing softwares and business applications that facilitate better management of data, automate processes and allow your organizations to meet their business objectives.
As an adept software development team, we know that all problems are not easy and not all solutions are obvious too. Many projects require exhaustive efforts and arduous thinking to work in a complete harmony with each other. We understand that, and therefore begin on new projects only when we know sufficient team members are available to work on it.
What really makes a company flourish are its people. We believe that everyone from amateur designer to an expert application software developer can do well creatively, provided they are given an environment to grow. Our project managers are smart enough to allocate the work in a way that everyone learns something new out of it, without compromising the speed of the project. We’re dedicated to building bespoke software and applications that can get into as many hands as possible.

Our Specialization

  • Web design 85%

  • Desktop Software Development 90%

  • ERP Software 70%

  • Web Development 95%

  • Web & Enterprise Portal 90%

  • Mobile 40%

  • Network Solution 60%

  • Hardware Solution 50%